Wednesday, July 19, 2006

what a show!

Last night we got our thunderstorm! It cooled us off about 10+ degrees I think and today was much more pleasant because of it. The thunder and lightening was incredible though! It was like the sky was showing off :) It went on forever, even enough for someone like me who loves it, to get my fill. It woke Charley up around 10:30 though (right as I was going to bed) and I let him sleep in bed with me until 1. I'm still not sure if I slept the whole time because of the flashes outside and because it's hard for me to completely rest with my baby right next to me (does anyone else have that problem?). It was still nice to have him there with me watching the storm for a little while. Of course, all the commotion didn't make him sleep later the next morning, in fact, he was up just a little earlier at 5:20. What does this kid run on?! I need to harness this energy and sell it! (my mom sent me a cute cartoon to that effect last week) :)

I also was able to get a nap because Charley slept for almost 3 hours after we went to the playground (finally something wore him out) and Ben was asleep during the same time as well. That nap made all the difference for the rest of my day and even gave me enough energy to actually play with Andrew and Charley in the evening and give airplane rides instead of stick them in front of a movie. I really hate doing that, but sometimes it's all I can do. (right before I reach the point of screaming or crying). I guess I'm just one of those people who really needs sleep, unlike my 2 year old apparently. That being said, night to all.

PS. Thanks for all the prayers, today was a lot easier. Still hard, but easier.

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