Monday, July 17, 2006

weary, tired, and worn

I wish my first few blogs could be upbeat, but I'm in a different, tired, place right now.

I have the boys on my own for the first time this week while Will is traveling to D.C. It's a challenge with a 2 year old who has more energy than the Sun itself, and a 2 month old whose very existence depends upon my care right now. Charley only sleeps about 9 hours a night and takes one nap during the day of varying lengths. So, when he goes to bed at 8 and is up and about at 5:30 the next morning . . . it's a little bit of a shock to the system :) Especially if I want to stay up any length of time passed his bedtime to just decompress or get stuff done before the next day. What it really means is that I have to go to bed right NOW!


Dana said...

watch out... blogging gets addicting!
as for the baby, the first six weeks are always the toughest for me, then it starts to level out from there. In hindsight, the second child was the toughest, with the third the first two keep each other busy. all i can say is, nap when they nap, don't feel bad if you're having to let charley watch a little more tv than normal (you can catch a little snooze on the couch while he watches), don't feel bad if the house isn't in order (just focus on one room, so you can at least relax and FEEL like the whole house is clean) and use a timer. if you have to clean, set your timer for fifteen minutes and clean like crazy. when the timer goes off, don't even think about any more cleaning, go spend time with the boys (you can even use the timer with charley, tell him you'll pay attention to ONLY him for 15 or 20 minutes, that way he gets his mommy time) and remember it will get easier and we're praying for you!

Deborah said...

Hang in there! I'm sure i looked like that picture you posted many times :-) We, as your family, are so proud of you and the woman you have become! You are out there all buy yourself...well, you know what i mean, you're not in Texas! We'll keep praying for friends to be brought into your life at the right moments and for patience in the hard times. I can hardly remember what it was like having Austin at age 20 months and Jackson at 2 months...i'm sure i was almost pulling my hair out some days!

we sure enjoyed seeing ya'll at the reunion!

take care