Friday, December 01, 2006

"on the road again"

Well, we leave this Sunday afternoon for the first leg of our long trip to TX, CO and back again :) We'll spend next week in D.C. where Will is attending a conference, then continue on through NC, TN visiting friends and eventually land in TX for awhile. After Christmas, we'll continue on to CO for a week, then go home through KS and back to Ashville, NC for a friend's wedding on the Biltmore Estate (woohoo!) :) Then hopefully we'll get to stop in Norfolk, VA (our old stomping grounds) to see a good friend's new baby boy and then go back to RI in time for Will to begin his final trimester at the Naval War College. (whew!) I'm definitely going to need a vacation from this vacation! :) It will be so much fun to see everyone and I can hardly wait for everyone to see how big Charley and Ben have gotten, especially for those who will see them for the first time! :) I'll try to post while we're away, but if not, I'll definitely post a synopsis of our trip when we get home.

Please pray for our safety and sanity on the road (with two little kids and a dog!). Fortunately, we're leaving the day before we get our first snow of the year, but the storm is coming from the East so I hope the roads in that direction are clear. I'm reading some pretty interesting news online about this front, so please keep us in your prayers.

See ya soon!