Thursday, October 05, 2006


That's the way Tigger would say it I think. (not that I'm a Tigger fanatic, I'm just in a bouncy mood) :) We've been so busy around here that I haven't had time to post, and things still are crazy with Will finishing up this trimester with a ton of papers and me getting more involved at church . . . and taking the boys places like the corn maze which I need to post pics about . . . anyway, I just wanted to say hi to everyone and I will answer e-mails soon. I did manage to post a pic from the PKD walk a post or two ago, but need to post a couple more as well.

Also, congrats to Rachel and Ian Maize on the birth of their new little boy, Ezra!! I have a link to her site over on the side if you want to see pics!

I need to post a congrats page for things that have happened to everyone lately (within the last year) :)

One more thing . . . I'm going to start a poetry/favorite quotes blog soon so please send me some of your favorites. I'm not a big reader so I need all the suggestions I can get. I also intend to start a favorite pics blog too so start thinking about pics to send me for that if you can. I'd really appreciate all the help I can get to have a great collection. Just e-mail me at . Thanks so much!!

I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful fall weather!