Saturday, June 23, 2007

long day starting at 1 AM

So, putting Charley to bed in undies w/o anything to drink and going to the potty right before bed still didn't work. He woke up crying around 1:15 AM because he was all wet. The only sheets I had left were some girly pink striped ones and a floral pillowcase. :) I'm still washing his other ones from wetting the last two nights before last night. Still, after I changed all his clothes and his bed, he came back in to snuggle with me at 1:50. I let him stay until around 2:15, but then I couldn't fall back to sleep until around 2:45! Ugh!! Then wake up call every morning is just before 6 and I try to stay in bed and make them wait until 6:30. It's not really a relaxing time for me though. So I dragged myself out of bed and now it's 11:45 and I still feel like I'm half asleep. We played outside and went to BJ's this morning. They're down for an early nap so we can go to the air show in the early afternoon. So, I'd better grab a nap while I can! See ya!

Friday, June 22, 2007

tears of relief, joy, pride

So today is day 3 since Will's been on the boating trip. He said it's been a little rougher than they expected with some engine trouble and rough seas, but they made up a lot of time today with some smoother waters and might make their destination of Annapolis by tomorrow. He got sea sick today though, which wasn't fun, but said he's feeling better.

My plan for today was to take the kids to the mall. I had some things to return and there was a big sale going on that I wanted to use a 20% off coupon with. We left at 9ish this morning for a 40-45 minute drive to the Warwick mall. The thought was for Ben to take his morning nap in the car on the way, and for us to be home before 12/1 o'clock naps in the afternoon. :) ha ha I was also planning on going to Target after the mall. Well, Ben did sleep in the car, but we never made it to Target and didn't leave the mall until 12:50. They usually are napping by then. :) It turns out that I got an even bigger discount on some things I needed because I got to apply for a new Macy's card so I wanted to use it to get stuff I might wait on (but really need later) that I really liked. I'm pretty good about returning stuff I realize I don't need right away anyway. By the way, I think that's the second time I had been to the mall all year so I tend to cram all my shopping in at once for stuff I've been waiting to get. Anyway, that's why we were there for so long. It was fun and the day flew because of it, which was nice.

Ok, enough about shopping. The real reason I wanted to post is because the boys were soooo good for me that I actually cried when we left. We ended up staying and have lunch at the mall and I had some returns from VS to make (they're have a big sale too) and then we went back to Macy's where I actually tried on a dress, took Charley to the potty for the second time and then made it out to the car when I realized (after the kids were buckled in) that we'd left Ben's bear/blanket inside. I just couldn't leave them and run in really quick so I got them out, left the stroller and walked in. Someone had left it right inside the door on a display knowing I'd come back and find it. I was just so proud of them. They didn't whine, or fuss, or pick at each other (well barely at all). Charley told me he had to go potty and went! He sat in his chair at lunch and I didn't have to strap him to a high chair or the stroller. He stood halfway on the stroller and the chair most of the time, but that was fine, at least he was staying put. He's so active, especially after being tied to a stroller for an hour or two, that he needs some running time, but he was sooo good for me. I was really surprised actually. Turning 3 has really done wonders for him or he's turning a corner or something. He didn't break down or throw a fit about anything and we all talked and had fun the whole time! (he did when we got home because he was sooo tired, but that's my fault) :) I was so grateful b/c the morning didn't start out that smoothly and Charley was crying for Daddy twice before 8 AM. But, we made it out of the house, whew! and on the way home, Ben slept, and I managed to keep Charley awake passed his nap time so we could make it home. We got home at 1:30. Ben went right down and I made Charley go down at 2. He slept for 2 hours and Ben stayed down for the same time as well so all in all, Ben slept for 3 hours and Charley 2. I didn't sleep because I had coke for lunch, but I still rested. It was a nice break. The evening was long, but we made it and tomorrow we're going to the air show to see the Blue Angels! Sunday is church and another long afternoon and then Will flies home Monday!! :) and I will have made it. ugh deployment is going to be a beast! At least Charley will be in school. :)

Anyway, another really neat thing is that it seemed like at every store or place we went, there was never a line, then one would develop right behind me. I felt like God was just sheltering me or giving me an easy time or something just to give me a break. It was really nice. Thank you Lord for whatever You were doing. I felt your love so many times, and thank you for my wonderful boys and that they did so well today. I really needed that!

Also, I have to mention, in other news, Charley went #2 for the second time again today!! I'm so excited. It so strange what a difference being potty trained makes. He's really getting the hang of it. He didn't have an accident all day and is getting to the point where he's only having them at night. I should have put him in a pull-up, but I want him to get up and go. I don't know, maybe night is another step for later on. I know people who still put their 4 & 5 year olds in pull-ups just in case. I don't think I'll do that, but the whole potty training thing is still new so maybe I should. Well, he's in undies tonight, went pee right before bed and hadn't had anything to drink for an hour or two before bed, so we'll see if that helps. :)


Thursday, June 21, 2007

ahh beautiful opera!

I stumbled upon this clip in another blog and had to post it. It's absolutely beautiful. Paul Potts, the latest America's Got Talent winner sings "Nessun Dorma" from Puccini's Turandot. Just beautiful!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Boat trip news

. . . it was too foggy for the guys to leave when they had planned this morning. So after going to bed at 12:30 last night and getting up at 5 something, driving Will to the boat, going home to get something he wanted and coming back, we all ended up going to have breakfast then coming back to the boat. That's when Will discovered he forgot the laptop charger and had to take me back home to get it. It was already 9 something and Ben was asleep. It's just funny because he could have driven himself in the first place. It was a fun adventure even though we were very tired. It will be a long day for the guys trying to navigate through pea soup and showers. They're supposed to make it to Long Island to the Merchant Marine Academy which apparently is a mansion and the former residence of a Roosevelt or some other wealthy person, I can't remember.

As for me, we all came home and took naps. I was so glad Charley was tired and ready to sleep. It means that he won't nap this afternoon, but that's ok. The day has been moving quickly and I'm got a babysitter tonight for a First Presbyterian Ladies Night Out at a Pawsocks game in Newport. I'm not a big baseball fan, but it will be fun to get away again and hang out with the ladies.

Victory . . . maybe

Well, I was all ready to post a happy, excited, hallelujah, hooray, and tadah post that Charley went poopers on the potty last night for the first time!! This is, of course, wonderful and exciting, but this morning, he had a tiny stool, like the kind he had when we had to put him on the Glycolax to get things moving. He also wanted me to put a diaper on him so he could go in it instead of using the potty. I obliged because I thought he was in pain and was trying to pick my battles. Then, just a little while ago, he had a normal size/consistency stool but went in his undies. yuck! He told me he had to go pee and so I thought he had gone, since he frequently tells me then goes by himself, but it turns out he didn't go at all and I was downstairs (he was up) thinking he'd taken care of things and the next thing I know, he's calling me to tell me he went in his undies. hmmmmm we still haven't started him back on the Glycolax, but the randomness of his stools are throwing me off. We're just going to have to take this a day at a time and see what develops.

It is great though that he at least felt comfortable enough to go on the potty. Will threw a little mini-celebration for him (lots of Shrek M'n'M's was the promised reward if he did this). I missed it because I was taking a Mom's night out before Will took off on his boat trip. I did get a phone call at Target though and Charley told me everything! Apparently, he was asking to call me before he'd even finished. I was sad not to be there, but I needed the break.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

nothin' much, or not

I want to post something, but don't really have anything to say :) Just random thoughts that don't comprise a theme, which is always fun! :)

I'm stressing a little about Will leaving tomorrow to go on his 5 day boat trip. I have a few activities planned to keep us occupied and one night with a babysitter, but that's about it. They're getting easier to do things with, but Ben's fussiness combined with Charley's strong will at times, makes things very interesting and impossible for me to predict. I'm sure no one knows what I'm talking about. :) hee hee We may be watching some movies this week to help out. Although, I think I've been doing such a good job of keeping Charley down to watching only half an hour to no television each day.

Charley is almost fully potty trained as far as going pee. We're having some setbacks on the poop front. He hasn't gone in a day and when he went before, it was solid and hard for him to push out. We might have to start up the Glycolax again or try Fibersure that a friend of mine, Rachel, is using with her daughter. He's still trying to go, at least, and on the potty no less. He used to want us to put him in a diaper before he'd go. Who knows, he may want us to again once he starts going. Two steps forward, one step back, and one step at a time. We'll get there eventually. :)

Ok, I'll say it, (partially because another friend of mine, Christianne, mentioned it on her blog first), I've been having lots of baby thoughts lately! aaaaghh :) We've gone back and forth about timing etc. and agreed that we'd wait until Ben was around 2 to try again, and that's still the plan, and my hope. That doesn't mean you can always control your thoughts. It's not like their bad thoughts, just thoughts about holding a newborn, being prego again, nursing, swaddling, all the noises and smells and crying . . . knowing that both boys would love it and want to make it happy and take care of it. I loved giving birth at the Newport Hospital. They have a wonderful birthing ward with wonderful nurses and our experience there was, well, wonderful. But we're moving in a year and to do that with a newborn, especially when we're talking about moving states, or even overseas, would be quite a challenge. Not to mention, Will would need to focus on his responsibilities on his new ship and not need the stress of a baby not sleeping through the night yet etc. I want to be able to support him, not need him a lot. Anyway, we're praying about it right now so that hopefully these "thoughts" will go away, or God would confirm that it is the right time to have another, or I could just get pregnant, although birth control is working pretty well for us right now. God's bigger than the pill though. :)

Ok, that's all of my random thoughts for now, so now I can let go of them. Whew, one less thing to keep up with in my brain. :) ta ta

Monday, June 18, 2007


Oh my goodness, Ben is growing so quickly and blossoming right before our eyes! He's catching onto so much and communicating so much as well. It in such a beginning stage that it still catches us off guard when he does it. Today, we told him to go put a dirty shirt in the dirty clothes hamper. I never thought he'd do it and was really kidding, but low and behold, he walked straight back to his room and did it! Will and I had the most amazed looks on our faces since we didn't even think he knew what that was, much less could follow a one step direction. Well, he's 1 so I guess it's time, but he still feels like my baby so I guess I just wasn't ready for it. It's here now though so here we go.

By the way, one of his favorite hobbies is to go fish the wet diapers out of the trashcan and put them in the dirty diaper holder. (I only put dirty ones in there so I don't waste bag space with wet diapers that don't smell as much) It's really cute to watch, although I don't relish him digging in the trash. :) Oh well, it's not toxic and I wash his hands enough.

He's also in a climbing stage. He can crawl up on the chairs and onto the top of the kitchen table with no sweat. It's surprising and scary. :) So we have to keep the chairs away from the table so he doesn't do that.

Unfortunately, all this "understanding" has led to a discovery of his own "will". He's in a really fussy stage right now because he realized we wants to do all of this stuff that he can't or that I won't let him do. This is especially frustrating when he decides to get picky about his food and since I refuse to keep fishing around for stuff he will eat, he can either stop fussing or go to bed to take a break. I think he went hungry this morning, but he made up for it later and one or even two missed meals aren't going to hurt him. I think children's appetites are so subjective at this age anyway that they're always changing. However, he has a little habit right now if throwing food or drinks on the floor and so formal discipline has finally begun for him. It's hard to get used to because I still think of him as my innocent little baby who can't help crying or throwing etc. Not anymore!

He's also teething again right now so that's part of it. He's taking up to 3 naps a day at times and still sleeping a full 9-10 hours at night! It's a trial, but I'm hoping he'll learn the ropes soon and the fussiness will end.

It's also kind of funny because for the longest time we've worked on Charley sharing with Ben and he's done a really good job. But now, Ben has to learn to share and not always get into Charley's stuff. I'm glad Charley finally gets to feel and learn that the rules don't just apply to him.

Anyway, just another chapter in the beautiful life of my wonderful and really, really cute blue-eyed boy Ben.

Happy 6 Years! and Happy Father's Day!

Happy Anniversary and Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband Will. We've been through so much in 6 years (2 kids, 5 moves, 1 deployment and more) and I only dreamed we could be this happy! Thanks for your patience and love and for being such a wonderful Dad! It's nice to know you love the job. I trust you with my kids, my life and my future and I look forward to many more years (in the Navy or out) with you.

For our anniversary, we went out to dinner at Newport's Vincent's on the Pier. Will got stuffed lobster and I got clam chowder and shrimp ceasar salad. We had calamari for an appetizer and didn't have room for dessert. It was fun getting all dressed up and then afterwards, we sat on the pier looking at the water, boats and sunset for a bit. It was chilly though so we took a drive on the beautiful Ocean Drive (around the South part of the island) then went home.

Father's Day was a little more low key since we felt like we'd been partying all weekend with the graduation and our anniversary. We went to church, and Charley stayed in the adult church with us for the first time until they had children's story time and dismissed them for Sunday School. He also wore undies their for the first time and didn't have an accident the whole time!!! After church we took naps, except for Will, he was waiting for a friend from El Salvador to come by. His friend brought us a beautiful hammock and some cute children's toys from El Salvador. Then he did some chores and we all went to the neighbor's Graduation party. We were in bed by 9:30 because Will had to get up at 2:30 AM to drive his El Salvadorian friend's mother to the airport. He got back home at 6:20 this morning and is beat. He's done with school now though so he has a few weeks off.

Will leaves on Wednesday with a friend, Jeremy, to drive a boat down to Annapolis for 5 days! I hope it will be a nice little vacation for him. I'm sure they'll have a great time!

I love you Will!!! :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Naval War College Graduation!

Congrats to my husband! He graduated from the U.S. Naval War College today! We were there all morning and it was a beautiful day for it. The graduation was held outside under an enormous tent. It reminded me of the circus. Anyway, he got all dressed up in his chokers (ahh beautiful white uniform, although I like summer whites the best). I got dressed up in a summer skirt and nice sandals etc., even got to curl my hair! :) We got a babysitter for the boys, which was nice.

One of the fun things about being there was seeing all the different ways the international students and their families were dressed. There were some ladies from Africa with beautiful head dresses on (I don't want to say hats, because it was more like folded fabric, very elaborate, beautiful). I saw a Japanese lady wearing a gorgeous kimono. There were some Indian students there and their wives were wearing sari's, it was all so need to see. It's also interesting to see the uniforms of the other countries. They're basic uniforms though. There were quite a few foreign students in this class.

Anyway, Will is very relieved to be finished and now we can begin our last year here (I hope) as he begins department head school. He'll be down in Dalgren, VA geobatching for 2 months from August through September, then back up here to begin school in October. We'll find out our next duty station and move next June. That's the plan for now anyway. :)

By the way, this weekend is exciting, today Will graduated, tomorrow is our 6 year wedding anniversary, and Sunday is Father's Day! :) We're going out tonight and tomorrow night (I think), but I think we'll be home and relax on Sunday for a nice easy going day.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

good news on the bowel front

Yay! I just had to post that Charley has been off of his Miralax for 5 days now and has pooped once a day for the last three days. I can't remember the 2 days before that. I'm so excited because it means that he's cleaned out and going regularly which is a major achievement. We went for his 3 year well-baby (I don't know why they call it that when he's 3, but they do) and the doctor said we could keep him off of it for the time being, but that if he stopped going, to start it again immediately. I was worried about giving him too many meds and him becoming dependent on it, but he told us the that Miralax (well, I think he's actually on Glycolax and it's a Miralax equivilant, anyway) is not a gut stimulant to MAKE him go, it just helps the gut absorb more liquid so it CAN go; therefore, dependency is not a risk. Also, it's a sugar derivative (whatever that means) but I think he meant that it's closely related to glucose and other natural things that people use to help their children go so it's not like I'm pumping him full of chemicals even when he IS on it.

Anyway, I'm just thrilled I don't have to give it to him anymore and the potty training can continue. Now we're just encouraging him to go by telling him he's making room for more food (and treats) and praising him when he poops because I think he still has a tendency (from previous bad memories of painful poops) to hold it back. It's a slow process, I just hope he'll get there by preschool in September. Even if he's not perfect, I think seeing all the other kids go will help. It's just nice to know that there's nothing physically wrong with his bowel system and we don't have to change his diet.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

fun weekend

This weekend was a long weekend for us. Will had Friday and Monday off! He graduates Friday from the War College so things are slowing down a bit, which is nice.

Friday, we went to Sweet Berry Farm to pick some strawberries. It's such a neat farm with such a cute little farm store. We bought a wonderful blueberry scone there for a snack on the way home since both boys were tired and hungry and I forgot to bring snacks. oops!

Saturday, we had a small, last minute birthday party for Charley. We decorated cupcakes and they all played really well with all the toys, old and new. At one point, all 5 kids, including Ben (1) and a girl who is 6, were all downstairs playing together by themselves. The older girl babysat a little, but we also took turns going down to make sure things were ok. Anyway, it was a nice little get together and we were grateful that people could make it last minute to help celebrate.

We were sad that Will's mom and dad couldn't be here. They were supposed to fly up last Wednesday, but Will's dad got pretty sick and they decided not to come. I was really bummed because I was looking forward to a break!

Then Sunday was Music Sunday at our church. We had an instrumental ensemble play some pieces, and I sang a solo, Selah's version of "I Need Thee Every Hour" and a duet, Rutter's "The Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee". The lady I sang with also sang a solo, "His Eye is on the Sparrow". Our music minister accompanied the whole thing and played some pieces on his own as well. It was really nice to hear everyone and afterwards, we went to a brunch at the Best Western for the choir. Yum!

Monday was kind of hectic, I spent most of the morning working on invitations for a shower and Will went to help a friend with his boat. After that we were supposed to go play beach v-ball, but we were so tired that we decided to skip it and go see a movie and eat out instead! We saw "Ocean's 13" and it was fun. Then we ate at Sea Shai Hibachi Restaurant, and walked next door to have ice cream after. It was a nice break.

A funny side note: Charley had a big accident in his undies while we were gone and the babysitter had to clean him all up, but she didn't put anything on him for bed. So he went all night w/o a diaper or undies, just his PJ's! I thought he would have wet himself for sure, but he came in at 5:20 in the morning to tell me he had to go potty. He was dry as a bone and went promptly. We were so proud of him even though it's probably a fluke. Who knows, maybe he's getting the hang of it finally.

Anyway, we had a full, fun weekend and once again felt so blessed to be together, for our 2 amazing boys, for our friends and neighbors, for our church, and for our blessed life in general. Thank you Lord!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Oh yeah, I almost forgot, one of my favorite things to do with Charley is snuggle. He loves to be held after naps and while we're reading. He's my snuggler and always has been. I'm so glad with all that energy, he can still sit still with me. He also comes up to my randomly throughout the day and says, "Mommy, I love you sooo much," and then gives me a perfect gentle kiss on my cheek. Aahhh, I melt again and again.

Happy 3rd Birthday Charley!

Now weighing in at 31 lbs and standing at 38" tall, Charley turns 3 today, June 7, 2007. I can't believe it's been 3 years since starting this great adventure of parenthood. It's been a ride and a treat.

So far, he's growing into a very loving, caring, outgoing and active little boy. He's not potty trained yet, but we're working on it. He's been dealing with a contipation issue for a year and a half now and we have him on a prescription laxative. We're making progress though and hopefully, starting preschool in September will be the turning point after our work this summer.

He takes prodigious care of his brother and his constantly hugging and kissing him saying, "I love my baby brother." It's so cute! We're working on obedience as well. Some days are great, some days are not and as he learns to express himself verbally instead of physically, it gets better. He's not a whiner, but we have had to work on hitting. It's a work in progress like anything and from all of my reading and interviewing, I think it will just take time and loving reinforcement.

A few of his favorite things to do are digging for worms, riding his tricycle, petting the neighborhood stray cat, driving our neighbors' toy Jeep cars, playing with trucks, Bob the Builder toys, and building with quatro and duplo legos.

His favorite foods right now are chicken nuggets, raisins (especially yogurt covered), fruit of just about any kind (he likes to sink his little teeth into apples whole, peel and all), of course chips and chocolate, candy of any sort :). He's out of his noodle phase. he used to love any pasta or noodle soup, but lately he hasn't been interested. He still likes green beans and corn, which is good. Oh yeah, I forgot, peanut butter and honey sandwiches. :) He's also good about eating cereal, meat of almost any kind and bread. He's not a real big mac'n'cheese fan, but maybe that falls in the pasta category that he's left behind recently.

He has excellent motor skills, verbal skills (he'll talk your ear off and you can understand him), and balance. He love to do somersaults, jump on the trampoline and do tricks, jump from just about anything high, like a dresser, bookshelf, or toy chest, to anything else, say like the couch, bed or ground.

He has tons of energy and is up almost every morning at 5:30. Somethings haven't changed from when he was 7 months old. Back then though, he went back down for a nap. He still takes about an hour to an hour and a half nap everyday though, which is nice.

He loves to be read to, to sing and dance to songs, and to recite things. I catch him reciting poems, lines from movies, songs, and lines from books to himself while he's playing with his trucks. It's really cute to watch and listen to what he remembers. In fact, when I'm reading him a book we've read before, he'll correct me if I say a word out of order or miss a word, even an insignificant word like "the". I don't think he knows all his letters yet, although he could be playing games and just not wanting to tell them to me. Will says he knows them. He also can count to around 15. :) What really strikes me about his mind is his ability to observe. When he's in a room, he notices everything, even little things. He never forgets where he's left a toy and even when we think he's wrong, he'll go get it and prove us wrong.

It's been a joy to watch him grow and develop during this changing time in his life and I can only look forward to what the next 3 years will be.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Ben, Ben the Music Man

Ben is my music boy. When he need to calm down, all I have to do is play PP&M's "Garden Song" and he's dancing and smiling or shaking a maraca right away. It's adorable. The outdoors did it for Charley, and while Ben loves being outside, I think he loves to dance more. :)

Here's picture of him gnawing on a drum.

Ahh so cute!

Early Happy Father's Day!

The grill is the early Father's Day present, not the Porche Boxter below! Actually, I think the grill is kind of a late Mother's Day present as well since I don't have to cook as much when he's grilling! Look at that . . . it works out well for both!

First lesson in push-ups :)

Making peanut butter butterscotch chip cookies with Dad, Cheers!

Porche Boxter on loan from a friend out of town. Happy to watch your car anytime! Will and I got to go to the PP&M concert in this as well.

so happy together . . .

reading together

I have so many memories of my picture Bible when I was a kid, so it's the first book that Ben and Charley got. (a new one of course, b/c mine is almost falling apart). This is Charley reading his and me reading my new NASB. I hope this becomes a morning practice for us together eventually.

suspicious characters

Alert: please be on the look out for a suspicious looking frog in snow boots who is going around mowing my lawn. :) I just thought this pic was too funny and had to share. The frog outfit is actually supposed to be a Halloween costume, but we use it for dress-up.

Friday, June 01, 2007

in bloom

These are for my Mom. She asked me to take some pics of the flowers around our house. We have Japanese iris, rododendrum, purple lilac, (all pictured). We also have bleeding heart, creeping geranium, petunias, and spirea (bridals wreath). They're all in bloom right now. Spring really is beautiful in Newport. Before that, the azaleas, daffodils, narcissus and tulips were blooming. See, there is a point to the really cold winter! :) I still miss the bluebonnets though. Anyway, enjoy!

Sachuest Point

This past April, when the weather finally got a tad warmer, we visited Sachuest Point, a wildlife refuge on one end of Aquidneck Island. It was really pretty and we all had a blast running up and down the paths and even ventured onto the rocky beach. Unfortunately, we kept the boys out too long and had a major meltdown on our looooong way back. ugh! It was still good to get out and see part of our pretty island. The top pic is Charley pointing at a plane I think. :) and the bottom pic is Ben in the back pack with Will and Charley all climbing on the rocks. It makes a great day or afternoon outing and the paths are stroller friendly for the most part, although
I'd still recommend a backpack for really little ones. is the web site for anyone who's interested in checking it out.