Monday, September 18, 2006

Stereo types: Rhode Islanders - sayings

This is the first in a series of posts that I will categorize as stereo types. We've lived and moved in so many places and will be in so many more, and I just wanted to try to capture the people of the places that we've lived. I know, of course, that everyone from one area can't possibly fit into one stereotype, but there are some generalities that most DO fit into and there are some fun sayings from each area that I want to remember and share. A couple that I've heard a lot of people around here say is if you ask them if they want something and they're fine, they say, "I'm all set." This is the exact phrase over and over again, and people around here will tell you that it's a local saying. Another one that I think is funny is if a kid is acting out they say, "He's being fresh." I think I had only heard that phrase in movies until we moved here. I think it's cute and funny and a quirky little saying for this quirky little place. :) Another one I just heard this week was "snow bird". That's what they call people who live in Rhode Island, but fly down to Florida or some place warm for the winter. :) I thought that was a really funny one! :)

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