Sunday, September 10, 2006

and behind door #2 is . . .

ok drum roll please . . . trrrrrrrr :) I've been waiting to post the big reveal on our next move location for a month or so, but I should preface this by saying, "WE DON'T HAVE ORDERS YET," so anything can happen. BUT, we found out that Will has been selected for an internship in the CNO's office at the Pentagon working on special projects for a year beginning next June after he graduates from the War College. We'll be in D.C.! Tada!! I'm really excited about this for a few reasons: first, I think D.C. is a really cool town and it will be so much fun to explore all the museums and fun places for kids with Charley and Ben. Second, we have good friends who have also been assigned to the pentagon and we'll be living on the same side of D.C., hopefully in the same area, and so we'll get to hang out again! Another neat thing about living there is that Will's Aunt Donnette lives there so we'll get to see her more! I look forward to exploring the area's many different types of retaurants (we tried a great Lebanese one there once) and shops and events that surround such an amazing city. One of the best things about this area though is that it's so close to some great forests, parks, and hiking. We'll also get to visit Annapolis more and our friends there, as well as Norfolk, and the interesting Civil War areas just south of D.C.

Anyway, that's the big news and we feel blessed and excited. Even though Will's hours might be long and crazy, it's still nice that he won't deploy or be assigned to a ship for another year which just means another year to be there and enjoy the boys' childhood, which is even more special when you're in the military and you never know what's coming next on a ship. Again, we don't have orders yet, and those of you in the military know that that means anything could happen still, but it's very probable so we thought it was ok to let everyone know. After the D.C. tour, Will still needs to come back to RI for department head school, but I don't know if we'll all move up here for the few weeks or months that he's there, or if he'll just be a geo-bachelor for the short time and then we'll all move to our next duty station together.

As always, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers as we find a place to live there and make the transition. We'll keep you updated on our progress in this direction as we get closer to the move.

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Dana said...

wow, wounds great for you guys!