Friday, September 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Will!

Today is my hubbie's 28th b-day!! :) For it, he's going hiking and camping in the Presidential Range of northern New Hampshire. He got a new tent and sleeping bag on saved up gift cards from years passed (from my mom and his parents, Thank you!) from REI. He's worn a goofy, but very cute, smile around the house all week as he constantly repeated, "I'm going camping, I'm going hiking." He's been so excited and only a few hours ago, he left to go. I know he'll have a great time and I'm so glad this is something fun he can enjoy and DO instead of something more routine. It's always nice to do a little something different for your birthday. Well, I did make an apple pie for him last night, instead of cake, and I made a big birthday breakfast for him this morning, but we didn't have an official party or birthday dinner or get together with friends, although Becca was over picking up Andrew for the pie and breakfast so she shared those with us, and that made it more special. I don't know why having someone else there makes it more special, it just felt more like an even or more official for some reason. It's probably because I'm such an extrovert. Anyway, we had fun and that's the point.

We thought about going as a family, but he really wanted to hike this area and it wouldn't be easy for kids which means I'd have to find some way to entertain them while Will was hiking and since they're so young and keeping them alive in my OWN house is a daily concern, it would be near nuts to try and do it at a campsite. Don't get me wrong, it's doable, just difficult for now with a 2 year old who I know would run all over the place and a 4 mo. old that I can't run with in a snugli for fear of hurting his little neck and I couldn't push a stroller through the forest to keep up with my 2 year old . . . pause to breath . . . it would be quite challenging. I know we'll try it later when they can both run all over the place :) Do campsites have playgrounds? These aren't typical campsites either, like the nice state parks we have back in TX. They're hiking campsites, very simple, just to sleep and keep hiking. It would have been fun to try, but we'll wait. Anyway, I know Will is going to have a blast and I can't wait until Sunday when he comes home to tell me all about it. I'll post some pictures!

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