Tuesday, August 22, 2006

overwhelmed . . . in a good way

It usually happens when I'm running errands at night after the kids are in bed, and I'm in the car at night by myself that I get caught by the thought of how big God's blessings have been in my life. I almost want to cry, and sometimes I do, just thinking about how much I love my boys and my husband and how lucky I am to be living the life I do, and enjoying what God has given me. I think about how big God is and how amazing it is that He would look down and bless me so much. My next thought is usually, "God, please don't let me screw it up." Realizing how blessed I am is a good way to moderate my own selfishness when it starts to creep into my attitude. I'm so thankful that God reminds me of these things periodically . . . and probably just when I need it.

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