Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fall is here!

Well, we may not have a/c up here, but we do have early fall! I know it's not officially fall, but it's been wonderful up here in RI lately . . . high's in the 70's lows in the 50's at night ahhhhh. I feel bad for all my TX friends of course, but I heard through the grapevine that it's been nicer down there lately . . . in the 80's with a breeze? :) We actually put our big heavy comforter back on the bed because it was getting so cool. Of course, we still have our windows open so we can enjoy the cool breeze, but it feels so nice! The cool breeze blowing through the house, while you're cuddled under a big comforter! We were made to hibernate, I just know it :)

Anyway, I've made a few preparations for fall and winter . . . last weekend we did a bunch of trimming and yard work and I planted some mums. I've also been looking all year for sales on winter clothes for the boys. It's cold here for so long that I don't want to stay inside all winter like I did last year when I was pregnant. And now I'll have 2 boys instead of just 1! All that energy is going to want to go outside whether it's 20 outside or not! I hope not though :) I've been resisting joining the YMCA up here because it's so expensive, but we may have to if that's the only way we can all get out in a warm place where they can play. We'll see. We still plan on going down to TX for Christmas hanging out there and in Colorado and several stops in between here and there so unless TX has a colder more brutal winter this year, we'll get a break from the RI weather when we're there.

I still can't wait for the first snow though! I think Charley will be old enough to really enjoy it this year. Ben will probably think we're on a different planet, if he only knew about planets. Speaking of planets . . . I was kinda sad when I heard that they voted and decided to knock Pluto off the list of regular planets and call it a dwarf planet. My nostalgia for that little guy is of astronomical proportions. :) (tee hee, no I'm not crazy, that one was for my father-in-law). Maybe by the time my kids learn about planets, it will be back on the main list, or maybe there will be a whole different system of categorization. Who knows.

Well, gotta go curl up in bed. If only there was a fireplace in our bedroom! :)

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