Monday, August 07, 2006

only young once!

Hi All! We made it back safely to RI at around 10 Sunday morning. We ended up driving through the night from Norfolk when we left at 9 PM. It's exhausting, I don't recommend it. It was nice that we didn't have much traffic, but the kids weren't sleeping that well in their carseats and I don't sleep well in cars either. We might have stopped around midnight, but we hit an area on the Eastern seaboard peninsula that was booked for miles. When we finally hit Wilmington, DE, it was already 1 or 2 and so we kept going. It was such a long night. We drove through NYC at around 5 in the morning and still hit about 20 min. of stand still traffic, which was funny because we thought we'd miss all traffic coming through that early and not even on a work day, but New York is New York I guess :) We stopped for breakfast in Mystic, CT and took our time there; that was nice.

All in all, it was a great trip and we really enjoyed catching up with old friends and seeing my cousin pole vault. It was amazing to watch! I think she placed 4th which is awesome considering this is her very first year to pole vault, ever! We had a heat index in the 110-120 range just about the entire time we were there so we stayed inside a lot! Fortunately, everyone's A/C was working. Many thanks to everyone who made time to hang out with us and made meals for us, and especially those who gave us a place to stay at night or crash during the day when plans fell through or the kids needed a break. I'm sorry to those we weren't able to catch up with for lack of time or because the kids needed a break. Charley ended up taking 3 & 4 hour naps most days because we weren't able to keep them on a schedule. He did great for all that we put him through though. Hopefully, it will just make them both more flexible :)

We really love and appreciate all our friends and we miss you so much. It made us think about all the other friends we weren't able to see who live all over the country and how we hope we'll be able to catch up with you all again soon too. Until then, this is the best way I know to keep in touch so keep reading :) Love to all!

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Dana said...

it's always nice to catch up with old familiar faces, glad you had a good time!