Thursday, June 14, 2007

good news on the bowel front

Yay! I just had to post that Charley has been off of his Miralax for 5 days now and has pooped once a day for the last three days. I can't remember the 2 days before that. I'm so excited because it means that he's cleaned out and going regularly which is a major achievement. We went for his 3 year well-baby (I don't know why they call it that when he's 3, but they do) and the doctor said we could keep him off of it for the time being, but that if he stopped going, to start it again immediately. I was worried about giving him too many meds and him becoming dependent on it, but he told us the that Miralax (well, I think he's actually on Glycolax and it's a Miralax equivilant, anyway) is not a gut stimulant to MAKE him go, it just helps the gut absorb more liquid so it CAN go; therefore, dependency is not a risk. Also, it's a sugar derivative (whatever that means) but I think he meant that it's closely related to glucose and other natural things that people use to help their children go so it's not like I'm pumping him full of chemicals even when he IS on it.

Anyway, I'm just thrilled I don't have to give it to him anymore and the potty training can continue. Now we're just encouraging him to go by telling him he's making room for more food (and treats) and praising him when he poops because I think he still has a tendency (from previous bad memories of painful poops) to hold it back. It's a slow process, I just hope he'll get there by preschool in September. Even if he's not perfect, I think seeing all the other kids go will help. It's just nice to know that there's nothing physically wrong with his bowel system and we don't have to change his diet.

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Dana said...

that is good news!! micah would be scared to go too because of painful memories, it took a lot of convincing.