Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Boat trip news

. . . it was too foggy for the guys to leave when they had planned this morning. So after going to bed at 12:30 last night and getting up at 5 something, driving Will to the boat, going home to get something he wanted and coming back, we all ended up going to have breakfast then coming back to the boat. That's when Will discovered he forgot the laptop charger and had to take me back home to get it. It was already 9 something and Ben was asleep. It's just funny because he could have driven himself in the first place. It was a fun adventure even though we were very tired. It will be a long day for the guys trying to navigate through pea soup and showers. They're supposed to make it to Long Island to the Merchant Marine Academy which apparently is a mansion and the former residence of a Roosevelt or some other wealthy person, I can't remember.

As for me, we all came home and took naps. I was so glad Charley was tired and ready to sleep. It means that he won't nap this afternoon, but that's ok. The day has been moving quickly and I'm got a babysitter tonight for a First Presbyterian Ladies Night Out at a Pawsocks game in Newport. I'm not a big baseball fan, but it will be fun to get away again and hang out with the ladies.


Jeremy & Kimi said...

ooohh! How was the game? We're hoping to make it out to one sometime this summer.

Leigh said...

The game was great! Tons of fun and activities for kids in the 8th inning. They played music and got the crowd involved too. Actually I was wrong, it's the Newport Gulls who play in Newport. The Pawsocks play in Pawtucket. I don't know why I got the two confused. I'm not a big baseball fan, but it was a lot of fun as a social event and we showed up about an hour late which was good because that was about all I could handle watching. Still, lots of people and lots of fun! $2 for military ticket. If you park at the Visitors Center (right across the street) you can park free if you show them your baseball ticket.