Wednesday, July 23, 2008

precious moment #2,395,217,024

putting the boys to bed tonight. i pray with each one and sing them a song. right now it's Kurt Kaiser's hymn "Oh, How He Loves You and Me". Ben wouldn't even let me sing to him until i remembered this song and tried it; now he asks for it every night.

so I sang and prayed with Ben. then went over to Charley ... prayed, started to sing, Charley started to sing with me, then Ben ... all to the very end ... oh what heaven.

it's moments like those that make all the tears worth it. that, and the fact that God loves them and they're precious, ok well there's that.

anyway, it was beautiful. thanks El Shaddai.


Jane said...

That IS a precious moment, Leigh! And I love that song, too!

Leigh said...

thanks :) I actually got to watch Kurt perform it on the piano at Baylor while I was there. It was amazing and so beautiful! :) He still lives there in Waco (to my knowledge).

Girl Fisher said...

So sweet! And it probably doesn't hurt that Mom can sing! My (future) kids would probably cover up their ears if I sang to them! ;-)

Derek Hickman said...

good post!