Tuesday, July 22, 2008

fun silly learning songs

I've been meaning to post this just because we enjoy them so much. The old 80's group They Might Be Giants (of "Istanbul" and "Birdhouse in Your Soul") finally had kids and decided to apply their zaniness to children's music. They've come up with a wonderful album called "Here Come the A,B,C's" and "Here Come the 1,2,3's" and there are songs on there about tons of the letters and numbers. They're great! We love them and the kids love them and learn with them. Some of our favorites are "Alphabet of Nations", "E Eats Everything", and "Seven". There are so many more, oh yeah, Charley likes "813 Mile Car Trip" who knows why. :) Many of them don't make a lot of sense, but are silly and repetitive which is a perfect combo for getting kids to learn. Anyway, visit You Tube to see some of the video's yourself, then decide. :) OH yeah, don't forget "Never Go To Work" which teaches the days of the week! :)


Girl Fisher said...

I should look for the song that teaches the books of the Bible! I could use that myself!

Leigh said...

there are many out there, probably some on itunes. I can't remember the name of the one I learned from when I was a kid, but it was fun. Of course, Psalty, and GT and Halo Express are excellent too. GT teaches Bible verses word for word with their references and it fits into a story and is well done. I can't tell you how many I've learned from that.

Girl Fisher said...

I'll have to check out some kids Bible learning tools!