Thursday, April 03, 2008

the forsythia are about to bloom!

I'm so excited that spring has almost sprung up here in RI. Lord knows there are so many things I don't like about the NE, but I have yet to see a more beautiful springtime anywhere. (Maybe the looong, cold winter was worth it, naah) :) All of the bulbs are beginning to come up, crocus, daffodils, narcissus, hibiscus and so many more that I can't even name. Yes, I miss my TX azaleas, crepe myrtles, bluebonnets and wild flowers, but the tulips and other bulbed plants around are are exquisite! I'll try to take some pictures to capture it, but I think you'd just have to see it for your own eyes. There's a field up here where they keep dividing and replanting daffodil bulbs and it turns into a photo op for most families once they're all in bloom. We haven't done it yet, but this is our last chance while we live here and the boys are such a young, cute age so I'm going to try. Hopefully they'll all be in bloom before we leave in 3 weeks and what a send off we'll have as all of the flowers will seem to wish us well with they're beautiful, colorful blooms!

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Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when you wrote there are "so many things I don't like about the NE" --

You REALLY didn't like living in Newport, did you?

I miss it so much!!! It is just so interesting because we moved there at almost the exact same time, both had our second sons there and yet feel SO differently about it.

The move will be logistically difficult but knowing that you're headed somewhere you love (and away from somewhere you don't) will surely make it easier!