Thursday, March 27, 2008

A beka

Ok so of all my conservative friends out there, especially of the home schooling and private Christian school type, could I get some views on the A beka curriculum. A friend of mine is looking into sending her kids to a school that uses it and I am also considering some private elementary schools that use it in VA later on for my own kids. I grew up hearing it was very good, but didn't use it first hand. Anyone with closer ties, I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks.

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Deborah said...

well, i expected for you to have some replies on this already. Most people are pretty oppionated about christian school curriculum and love to share their oppinions...oh well, here's my limited oppinion. When I taught at the christian school a few years ago we used primarily Bob Jones curriculum. I loved that curriculum and how it organized everything...but while i was there i heard lots of oppinions and alot of those parents had formerly been using A Beka. They loved it i think you are alright. While i was teaching science there - we used Apologia and i did NOT like it very much. I felt they had some agendas they were pushing that weren't very good - but that's just my oppinion. But you can always do some digging on-line and find some homeschool teaching stores where you can browse the books and curriculum. good luch with getting ready for the move! Will you guys be making the reunion in August? I know it is hard and expensive for you guys to come down...we would love to see y'all though!