Wednesday, August 08, 2007


How often do you get caught in the rain and just enjoy it? Today, after a long, hot couple of weeks, we got some scattered showers. We decided to go for a bike ride, but didn't see the dark sky until it was too late. It was just sprinkling, so I left with the two boys in the bike carriage behind me. We stopped at a neighbors house to look at a backhoe front loader that would be working on her driveway in the morning, then it started to pour! I covered the boys with the rain shield, but I got completely soaked. We weren't near the house, so I just finished the ride. I would have gone longer, but I was worried that my cell would get wet. We made it home, and by then it had let up. I dropped off my cell, splashed in the water running down the street a bit, then took another short bike ride around the block totally drenched. It was so much fun! :)


Deborah said...

sounds fun! You know we moms wouldn't usually choose to go play in the rain, but when we're forced to it allows us to "let our hair down" and have some fun...normally we're too worried about how that messes up our day and requires getting dressed again...Good for you! I'm sure the boys loved it - i know mine would have.

Dana said...

such fun! :)

William said...

It sounds like a great time Babe! I'm sure that the boys loved it :)