Thursday, August 02, 2007

lovely words on a hot day

I don't know if I've mentioned yet in my blog that Will is taking classes in Dalgren, VA for 2 months while we are up here. It's been pretty miserable with the heat and no A/C; add to that the fact that Charley acts up when Will leaves so all the great changes that have occurred since he turned 3 (calming down a little, more self-control, more understanding, not as reactionary, less of a temper etc.) have gone on hiatus while he tests me day after day. Maybe it's because he wants to know if things are still the same when Dad's gone, maybe he doesn't like the change, maybe he's too hot! or maybe he's just lapsing for awhile, probably some sort of combination of all of those and more I don't even know.

Anyway, he said some sweet things to me today that I wanted to remember for posterity. I had just gotten off the phone with Will and gotten myself really depressed b/c I was thinking about how when you're on your own with the kids, the weekends are no different than the weekdays = no break. I was laying on our bed trying to pull it together (Ben was already down for the night and Charley was playing with trucks in the living room) when Charley came in, crawled on the bed and said, "I just wanted to come snuggle with you and give you company." I started to lose it again.

Then he wanted me to come outside and play before his bedtime, so we did (after a good hug and kiss). I, of course, had to tell him how much I loved him and how happy he made me and he said, "because I help my baby brother and a good boy?" and a list of a few other things I can't remember now. Then he set up some chairs and a little table as a foot rest and we sat there together talking (with our feet up together, so cute!) and asked, "Do you think Daddy would like doing this too?".

Then we made pretend snacks out of the maple tree seeds, then we made a train track out of them, then we blew them on the ground, it was so much fun! Then, he wanted to play catch with the nerf football, and to my amazement, he can catch now! So we had such a blast actually throwing the ball back and forth and I felt so lucky to be the mother of two little boys that will want to play sports with me (hopefully) :) He even put a spin on the ball a couple of times! :) Now just a year or two more and we can all go camping. Charley could probably go now, but I don't think Ben would do well, especially in a tent at night. ahh someday!

I'm also holding out for a girl and she will hopefully want to play sports and camp too, and with a mother and grandmother who love those things, I'll be surprised if she doesn't. In fact, my Mom taught me more about sports than my Dad and was a bigger sports fan in our house. It's funny because now I'm the bigger sports fan in our house, although I don't keep up with it right now for obvious reasons. Anyway, Will knows that I'd be happy having even four boys before we had a girl. I think we'd finally stop at boy 5, but hopefully, we'll have a girl before that. If not, I think we'd seriously consider adopting one. :) Who knows, maybe we're not even supposed to have that many kids b/c the two we've got require so much activity and energy. One kid at a time then, until God gives us peace that we're done.

Anyway, all that to say I had a lovely evening with my son at the end of a very hot day. :) Thank you Lord!


Jeremy & Kimi said...

sounds like a wonderful evening :) It was nice to see you and the boys again. Jared had a fun time and was tickled with Charley & Ben's company. Sorry I left so abrubtly; Jared was tired and I wanted to cool him down a little bit, so we went to Barnes & Noble before heading over to Lobster Night.

Have you guys gone in the pool lately? That sounds nice and cool on a hot summer's day.

Leigh said...

Yeah, thanks for visiting. Sorry it was so hot though.

I would love to take them swimming, but I really can't do it by myself. Charley can't swim and I'd have to hold Ben if he didn't want to sit in a float. Plus, the only pool we have to swim in doesn't have a shallow end (Navy pool on base), not to mention trying to get them safely in and out (ahh) :). That's a great idea for when Will comes home for a weekend though.

We bought a little kid pool for the backyard that we've been enjoying. It's not great, but it does the job. Plus, we have a great shade tree in the backyard so that helps to keep the water cool for us!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it's going to be tough on you to have Will gone for 2 months. Perhaps this time will make you pause and realize how lucky you are to have a husband in the Navy who DOESN'T spend 6 of every 12 months out at sea like so many in the Navy do (not to mention those in other services who are deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan for 14 months at at a time...). And what about the single moms out there? I guess every day must feel like a weekday (as you said = no breaks) for them.

Leigh said...

Yes, I have already thought about how blessed we are that we have had such an easy career long before now. Will has had so much time at home; I honestly don't know how those family's go through it. I have friends doing it now.

However, I have no family up here and little support system, and I know if he were gone for a long time, I would go to stay with family for awhile, as some of my friends have done, or he would leave us in an area and base where there is more support.

I feel for single moms most of all though and having had some as friends, I have tried to support them the most.

Whatever others may have had to endure though, doesn't diminish the fact that this is what we have to deal with and it is always a hard thing. Perspective is always good, thanks.