Monday, April 02, 2007

Peter, Paul & Mary

Yay! Will and I got to go to a PP&M concert a week ago at PPAC and it was so much fun! It's amazing that we got to see them perform live and in our lifetime. When you consider that they were with Martin Luther King playing songs so long ago and that they're still at it . . it's amazing! We were so excited that we bought t-shirts! I'll have to post that pic later :) Another really cool thing was that Will got to drive us up there in a Porsche Boxter that his friend left with us while he was traveling. Also, when we left the concert, it started snowing the largest flakes I have every seen. These things were as big as cotton balls! All in all it was a really special night and I just had to blog about it.


Dana said...

glad to see you're back in the blogging world! :) sorry we missed seeing you guys during your trip. will you come down for our highschool reunion?

Leigh said...

We're still trying to figure that out. We might be moving in June, we haven't found out what our orders will be and to where. We're also attending a wedding in the Czech Rep. in early July so it's going to be a crazy time. I'm still hoping I can make it down for a bit. If I do, I'll bring the boys. :) I hope I get to see you!