Wednesday, May 30, 2007

'07 RI Navy Base V-ball Champs!!

Yay!! We won the base volleyball finals last night by deafeating BOOST! They put up a great fight! I was on the Naval War College Juniors team and we had an undefeated season. We didn't even lose a game in any match! The commander said that was a first in the history of this competition. We even get Championship t-shirts and our pics in the Navalog! woo hoo! :) It was a really fun season. We had a fun, relaxed, talented team and it was a lot of fun playing with them. I was the only civilian in the group, but was allowed to play because they allow spouses of student to participate.

Thanks honey for all the babysitting so I could go play. I love you!

Oh yeah, I hope you all enjoy this really funny pic of me serving! Laugh it up!

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